Compare Results - Constitution and political system

What is your attitude towards Georgia's constitution and territorial arrangements? Are you going to suggest any significant change(s)?

United National Movement

The latest amendments made to the constitution change both the structure of Georgia's government and the balance of powers between the different branches of government so as to avoid the concentration of power, strengthen the protection of private property, reinforce the independence of the courts and local self-governing authorities and increase the role of political parties in the political decision-making process. These amendments also increase the number of opportunities for the opposition to participate in the decision-making and reporting process, facilitate the development of an inclusive and democratic political culture, strengthen political stability and decrease the potential for institutional confrontation. All these changes are a good basis for the further development of the country's political system.  

The amendments create a so-called “mixed system” of governance – a strong parliament, a government formed by and directly accountable to parliament, and a president who is the country's supreme commander-in-chief and who represents the state in international relations.  

Coalition Georgian Dream

Following amendments to the Constitution, a system of government has been established in which the principle of the distribution of powers is completely violated.   

Minimum age of judges was lowered and there exists no principle of mandatory professional development for judges; Georgia's High Council of Justice is politicized.

The parliamentary electoral system does not comply with international standards.  

The Constitution says nothing about the functions and competences of the Prosecutor’s Office, which has led to this Office becoming extremely politicized and has turned it into a tool of government repression.

Limits to the degree to which the army, police and state security bodies can be united were removed, which has led to an extremely dangerous concentration of power.

 The system of local self-governance has not been properly defined.  

Our political programme foresees:

  • Strengthening constitutional provisions guaranteeing respect for human rights and freedoms;  
  • Majority of electoral subjects part of the Georgian Dream Coalition have a preference for Parliamentary system. Furthermore, the final decision on the constitutional order of the country will be taken on the basis of the wide civic agreement. Thus we can ensure that  the reasonable opinions and different interests will be taken into consideration in the decision making process;
  • Increasing the importance of parliamentary opposition – the heads of human rights protection and petition committees as well as those of temporary investigation commissions and more than a half of parliament's members should be members of the parliamentary opposition;
  • The introduction of a parliamentary electoral system which complies with international standards;
  • Increasing the minimum age of judges and adopting measures to ensure their continued professional development; introducing new rules by which judges are nominated to the High Council of Justice to guarantee the Council's political independence;
  • Expanding the Constitutional Court's range of competences and shortening the period for constitutional complaint review;
  • Simplifying the rules and procedures of impeachment;
  • Defining the functions and responsibilities of the Prosecutor’s Office so as to turn it into an independent, non-politicized, law-enforcement body;
  • Prohibiting the merger of military, police and state security bodies;
  • Increasing the independence of the Office of Georgia's Public Defender (Ombudsman) and obliging parliament to evaluate the need to implement its recommendations;
  • Defining a system for local self-governance and for bodies at different levels following the principle of subsidiary; and, finally,
  • Ensuring the constitution's stability by making the rules by which it may be amended more complex.

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